Should I Invest in Carpet Steam Cleaning Just Before Lease Expiry?

This question either just doesn’t pop-in as you consider
carpet steam cleaning as part of your end of lease cleaning just before giving back the keys to the landlord or agent or you have made up your mind that you are not going to pay for it. If you are thinking not to invest in steam cleaning of the carpet or if you are still thinking whether to do it or not, this blog post will be really helpful to you, so spend 2 minutes of your time to know why you must professionally clean your carpet before moving out.

When Tenant Have to Pay For Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

The only condition you don’t need to get professional carpet steam cleaning service is when you lived in the house for a short period, such as a month or less and have made sure there are no spills on the carpet. In this case, just finish your end of lease cleaning on your own and hand over the keys. In all other scenarios, you should invest in professional steam cleaning of the carpet.

The carpets are more likely to get dirty even if you use it very carefully. The regular vacuuming and cleaning are not powerful enough to clean dust, dirt, and debris from the deep roots of the carpet. Also, your own performed steam cleaning may not have that much effect. Leaving a dirty carpet behind will not only create your negative image on the landlord or agent, but may also add into allergens in the house. This may add to diseases like asthma in the new tenants if the landlord also doesn’t spend on professional carpet steam cleaning. Thus, from the point of view of moral and social responsibilities, you must invest in it.

What Agents and Landlords Think About Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Some agents and landlords insist tenants to clean carpet with professional steam cleaning before moving out and hand over the receipt of the same. They often take normal wear and tear lightly and bear the cost of the same, but they expect tenants to perform end of lease cleaning and carpet steam cleaning is considered part of it. Some landlords or agents also mention this point in the rent agreement to make sure the tenants take care of it without any situation of dispute. If your rent agreement has this clause and you have signed it, then you have to perform professional carpet steam cleaning. Also, do not forget to get the receipt and keep it safe so you can give it to the landlord at the time of moving out.

If you have not signed any agreement, then it is about your personal choice because there is no law that enforced the end of lease cleaning on the tenant.

If you have decided to invest in carpet steam cleaning for all the right reasons, the final tip is to keep in mind to finish all other types of cleaning first and get steam cleaned your carpet at the last.


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