Should My Landlord Pay For My Carpet Cleaning

In many countries, there is an agreement that is made between the landlord and the tenant of the house based on the rules and the regulations in the respective country they are residing in of which the end of lease cleaning is the most important. The majority of the lease agreements state that the tenant has to leave the house in the state he received or else he has to pay a certain amount for the damage that has been provided minus the minor damages like scratches etc. In the recent days, a debate has been prevailing in society for who has to pay the amount for the end of lease carpet cleaning. Many argue that the landlords have to be responsible while the some argue that it’s the tenants’ responsibility of carpet cleaning.

So, should the Landlord pay for your End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning?

Partially yes and partially no! the carpet cleaning is minor wear and tear which has been agreed by many laws and the tenant need not necessarily pay for the carpet cleaning. But it is a basic thing that a tenant can do for the landlord in helping them keep their house clean and tidy. When the end of lease cleaning is done in the house, along with the other cleaning. The carpet cleaning can also be done as it not a heck of work. But if it is not done, it is not necessary that the landlord can charge for the carpet cleaning.

In the other case, where the Carpet is extremely dirty and is full of tears, then the landlord can charge the leaser or can deduct a certain amount from the security deposit without any further thought. Sometimes the landlord may include carpet cleaning mandatory as part of the lease agreement which means the tenant has to definitely get the carpets professionally cleaned before leaving the house. In case if he fails to do so, the landlord can deduct the money from the security deposit.

Finally, Who is Responsible for Carpet Cleaning?

When tenants leave a rental property they are often told to steam-clean the carpets when they vacate. However, in the rental laws in the major countries tells that is not mandatory until it is present in the agreement between the leaseholder and the landlord. If the carpet is extremely dirty with pet fur and scratches, urine, other types of strains, oil, grease and paint stains with are making the aesthetic appearance of the house too bad, then the leaseholder has to definitely clean the carpet during the end of lease cleaning or he/she can face a deduction in the security deposit.

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