Take Good Care of Your Leather Sofa by Following Expert Tips

Leather upholstery is a super stylish and gives a lavish look to your house. To maintain its appearance and quality and to extend its life, you need to take proper care of your leather upholstery. Read on to learn about the expert tips for leather upholstery care and .

1. Invest in

  • You must condition your leather upholstery as it gives a protective shield.
  • You must secure time for regular leather upholstery cleaning; at least once or twice a week.
  • Use upholstery attachment for vacuum cleaning.
  • Invest in professional upholstery cleaning Melbourne at a regular interval. You can take help from them to condition the leather upholstery for best results.

2. Spillage Needs to be Addressed Quickly

  • Cleaning spillage is very easy. All you need to do is clean it with a dry cloth. If needed clean it with a damped cloth and dry it out completely.
  • If spillage is not addressed quickly, then it may get absorbed. This can be the cause of discolouration, fading, odour, or stain. In this case, a professional leather upholstery cleaning service will become necessary.

3. Remove Small Scratches

  • If you become somewhat harsh during upholstery cleaning Melbourne or if you allow pets on your upholstery, scratches are obvious. Even with time, you might witness minor scratches on your couch.
  • You must work on scratches to ensure they do not transform into cracks or wear.
  • Take a soft cloth and rub the scratch gently to remove it.
  • If you use professional leather upholstery cleaning and services, then your cleaning experts will take care of scratches.

4. Protect it From Direct Heat

  • You should not put leather upholstery in a direct heat source, which can be sunlight, heater, etc.
  • If leather upholstery faces direct heat, it can face discolouration, cracks, shrinkage, and other damages.

5. Do Not Use a Harsh Cleaning Solution

  • Office chemicals, solvents, and other leather upholstery cleaning chemicals should be avoided.
  • If you want to use a cleaning agent, then it has to be suitable for your leather type. You should check manufacturer warning or consult your cleaning service provider to select the right cleaning agent.
  • If you are trying any cleaning solution for the first time, do not forget to do spot testing.

6. Careful Usage

You already know the important tips related to leather upholstery cleaning, but to take proper care of the leather upholstery you need to know more. You should also keep some more tips in mind, which can prevent premature wear and tear:
  • Do not push your upholstery on the floor. If you want to reposition it, then lift it from the base and move.
  • Put sofa cover and pillows to reduce chances of transforming body oil to upholstery fabric.
  • Do not lift upholstery from the armrests. Moreover, do not sit on the arms of the upholstery.
  • Keep pets away from the leather upholstery as their long nails can give more scratches.
  • At least once in six months use professional leather upholstery cleaning service to clean and condition the upholstery.
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