Tile Care Tips between Professional Cleaning Rounds

Tiles are durable and stylish as well as they are often easy to clean and maintain. In addition to that, tile flooring is economical. All these benefits of tiles have influenced many Australian homeowners to have tile flooring in their houses.
To maintain its good looks and to ensure you do not need to invest in replacing tiles, it is necessary to use professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne or any other city you live in. Of course, you cannot call your cleaning company every week, but you can look after your tiles to ensure the frequencies between professional tile floor cleaning is not too short.
Here are some care tips you can apply to maintain your tiles in good shape between two professional cleaning rounds:

1. Protect Tiles in High Traffic Area:

  • Usually, tiles are very durable, so they are less likely to face discolouration or wear and tear in high traffic areas. However, they are more likely to get filthy in high traffic areas compared to other areas. This will make that part of the house ugly.
  • Even if you perform tile floor cleaning multiple times in high traffic area, it is likely to mount up dirt and debris.
  • To protect tiles in a high traffic area, you can use rugs, mats, or carpets.

2. Follow Strict Tile Cleaning Regime

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the tiles before the next appointment for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. It may seem an easy looking task, but it is not. There is much to keep in mind to ensure you maintain floor tiles in good shape and do not hamper them:
  • Make a habit of sweeping the floor before cleaning it with any cleaning agent. This will make sure that the dirt and dust on the floor do not pile up grime during tile floor cleaning.
  • When you use a vacuum cleaner to clean tiles, you must make sure that you use the right attachment. Metal bar can hamper the polish on the tiles and will need you to invest in tile polishing or replacement.
  • For tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne always use chemical-free cleaning agents. For example, vinegar and water can be used to clean tiles and grout between professional cleaning services.

3. Keep Your Tiles Dry

  • Whether it is kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, you must make sure that your tiles are completely dry.
  • Wet tiles can build up dirt, dust, and footmarks to make it unhygienic and look unsightly. It can also build mould. In addition to that, water can also leave marks on the tiles, which would add stain cleaning in the next round of professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.

4. Remove the Residue of Cleaning Agents

  • Whether you use soap, vinegar or any other cleaning agent, it is necessary to ensure no residue is left on the tiles. The cleaning agent residue will result in stains, which you will be able to see when your tiles are completely dry.
  • Always apply enough water to clean the residue after tile floor cleaning.


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