Top 4 Summer Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Summer Upholstery cleaning takes the life out of you because not only is everyone around your home prone to allergies due to the sweat, and heat. Summer Upholstery Cleaning is also a very hectic job to do because you are required to properly clean each and every stain off the upholstery, and these stains are mostly too stubborn to come off easily.

Now there are a few options beforehand for you. You can either hire a professional Upholstery Cleaning Service and get your furniture all tidy and new. Or you could take a little toiling route, take things in your hands and start cleaning on your own for that let us present some cleaning tips for you which you can try.

1. Clean as per the Fabric Types
People have different types of upholstery. Your cleaning depends on the fabric type of the upholstery. If you have leather upholstery, you are going to need a damp cloth to clean the upholstery and you would easily be able to do it. However, if the fabric is of the different type, say synthetic, you are going to need a lot more than just a damp cloth. You might even have to use a vacuum cleaner and baking soda for this purpose.

2. Use Vinegar to Clean the Stubborn Stains
If some stains, which include the accumulated dirt, pet urine, droppings or anything, are not coming off with regular cleaning, you are going to need vinegar in this case. Pour a few drops of vinegar on the stain, let it be there and put some baking soda over it. After a couple of minutes, wipe with a clean dry cloth in order to clean the stain.

3. Vacuum on a Regular Basis
Whenever you are cleaning your homes, be it daily or bi-weekly or once in a month, make sure you take the time to vacuum your upholstery too because it also needs constant cleaning. Skipping it means that dust is getting accumulated over it which gets hard to remove in the future.

4. Cover Your Sofa If Not in Use
If you are not having any use for your sofa for some time, or if you are planning to go on a trip or anything, before leaving the house, make sure you have covered your sofas, which means that the dust particles don’t get accumulated over the sofa. It is the best method to keep your sofa lasting for a long time.

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