Top 6 Tips To Do Proper Bond Cleaning in Melbourne

So you are ready to move and have all your stuff boxed up. If you are moving out of a leased house, the last thing you will have to do is to get the property cleaned for inspection to get the bond money back. It might seem an easy task at first but as your money is on the stake, you need not to take any chance. So here are some tips that will help you accomplish a proper
end of lease cleaning.
1. Let the Pros Handle It

You might have done regular cleaning of the house but bond cleaning is different. The entire property needs to be cleaned in a systematic way. Hiring a professional bond cleaning agency will reduce the hassle to a great extent. They have all the resources handy and can deploy the required manpower to get the work done just in a day.
2) List Everything Down
Make a checklist for everything that needs to be cleaned. List down all the tools needed for cleaning and get what you don’t have to avoid last minute run to the store. Even if you have hired a cleaning agency, your own checklist will help you keep a track of their work so that nothing is missed out.
3) Get the Rooms Cleaned
Start the cleaning procedure by getting the rooms cleaned. First, clean the ceiling walls, then the fans than the carpet and floor area. Carpet and drapery cleaning should be done in a proper way as the cleaning method depends on the type of fabric. Dust and wipe the doors and windows and ensure every corner of the room is dust free.
4) Next is the Bathroom
Often times, many people judge the housekeeping quality by the condition of the bathrooms. The cleaner the bathroom better is the rest of the house. Make sure that the floors are not slippery and no pipe is clogged. Disinfect the toilet using sanitizers and scrub the sinks and taps. Clean the showers and tile walls for they tend to have algae grown on them with time. If there are any exhausts, clean them too.
5) Don’t Forget the Kitchen
The area that requires the most thorough cleaning is the kitchen. The kitchen walls, cupboards, sink, ceiling fans and exhaust becomes greasy due to the regular cooking. Deep clean, scrub and sanitize each part of the kitchen including the sink. You can use homemade soap solution as well.
6) Clean the Rest of the House
The front lawn, backyard, rooftop, balcony and garage are next. Take care of the garden leaves and pet dumplings on the lawn. The overhead tank on the rooftop also needs to be cleaned. This will cover the entire of the property and will leave no stone unturned in getting your bond money back.
Finally, check everything in accordance to your checklist before inspection and you are good to go.
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