Upholstery Cleaning Hacks to Remove Wax Spills and Stains

Usually, when something spills over your upholstery, the first thing you remember is to act fast. However, with wax spills, things are different. You need to wait for the wax to get dry before you try expert upholstery cleaners to remove wax spills and stains.
Wax spills and stain removal procedures can be carried out in two different parts as suggested by the best company offering local upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.

Step 1: Remove Wax from the Upholstered Furniture

  • Put an ice bag on the affected area of the upholstery, so wax gets frozen.
  • Take a butter knife and gently scrape off the wax from the surface. Do not tear off or damage the fabric accidentally. Be cautious.
  • Take a hairdryer and blow hot air on the spot to melt the residue of wax.
  • Lay a butter paper or a paper bag on the affected area to lift up the residues of wax from the upholstered furniture to prepare upholstery for effective local upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.
Removing wax from the surface is necessary before applying any expert upholstery cleaners to remove wax stains effectively.

Step 2: Clean Wax Stains


Cleaning Method 1:

  • Spray some WD-40 on the affected area to break down the stains of the wax. WD-40 is one of the effective and expert upholstery cleaners.
  • Take a clean sponge and rub the wax stain generously to remove the stains completely.
  • Once the stain disappears, take a clean cloth, damp it into warm water.
  • Wipe off the upholstery to remove WD-40 from the surface and completely clean the upholstered furniture.
  • If this method does not give effective results, using local upholstery cleaning in Melbourne from a reliable company is recommended.

Cleaning Method 2:

  • Take a clean and dry cloth and damp it into rubbing alcohol.
  • Use this damped cloth to gently blot the wax stain from the upholstery.
  • Repeat the process of damping a clean side of the cloth into rubbing alcohol and cleaning the stain with this easy guide of local upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Wipe off the area with a clean cloth damped in lukewarm water to remove the wax stains.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • If the aforementioned cleaning methods fail to remove residues and stains of wax, you must make sure you use a service from a company offering local upholstery cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Avoid using hydrogen peroxide on your upholstered furniture as it can bleach the upholstery and leave permanent stains.
  • Before using any cleaning solution to remove wax and wax stains, it is necessary to spot test the cleaning solution. Some expert upholstery cleaners are not good on all types of fabric. Thus, it is better to test it on an unexposed area of the upholstery before using it.


On some fabrics, removing wax and its stains is quite easy, but for some fabrics, it is a really difficult job. You must try the right cleaning agents. To save yourself from all the hassle, simply call expert upholstery cleaners in Melbourne.


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