What Happens If I Don't Clean My Apartment When I Move Out

So, you are already shifting to a new place, huh? However, you might want to make sure you have done proper
rental property cleaning before you leave. Moving out of a rental property could be overwhelming, tiresome and probably would take a lot of your time. It is understandable that you are excited to shift from your old place to a new one.

But the last thing in all this process is to hold you back from moving out, something like cleaning out the whole place before you go. After all, you are supposed to collect your deposit back, and if you are leaving the place untidy and as a mess, you might face problems in getting the full deposit money back.

Cleaning rental properties is not a hard thing if everything is sorted prior, but if you are still left with a mess before leaving, here’s how you clean a rental property before moving out:

Re-read Your Rental Agreement

Rental agreements mention exactly what your landlord expects on move-out. You can check it and make sure you abide by all the points mentioned. It would allow you to create a checklist of things to clean and cleaning the whole place up. The landlord likely would be expected to do a final walk-through of the whole place to make sure it is clean, so you might want to make sure everything is clean.

Leave the Place The Same Way As You Entered

Do you remember the time when you first entered your old place? It was neat and tidy, wasn’t it? You might not have to make any extra efforts in getting settled in your place. If you had a mess in your place, you probably might have raised a complaint to the owner or might not have taken the place at all. Think of the next tenants in the same way. They want to enter a clean place. So, it makes a lot of sense if you clean the place properly before you leave.


Make a Cleaning Checklist

Before rental cleaning property makes a cleaning checklist first. We understand that rental end of lease clean could be a hard thing to do, and so, we recommend you make a cleaning checklist where you can figure out how you would be cleaning the whole place. You can start your rental property cleaning by starting off with your kitchen appliances and all the cabinets. Then you can go to every nook and corner of the kitchen followed by the rooms. Also, don’t forget to properly clean extra appliances in your homes which usually go unnoticed, like fans, the surface under beds and other things.


I don’t have time to clean everything. What should I do?

There are a lot of times when you aren’t able to clean everything on your own. Probably you might be a single person who has to do everything on his own, something which you can’t do without help. As such, you can easily hire a proper cleaning service to clean the whole place up. Lotus cleaning Melbourne is the best service which you can resort to. It would clean the whole place up at an affordable price.


If you are also looking for some assistance on your cleaning or want the place cleaned without any efforts on your own, you can try out Lotus End Of Lease Cleaning service by getting in touch with them on 0425 029 990.

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