What Supplies Do You Need During Floods

In the light of recent events of flooding in Queensland Australian Agricultural Company Limited stated that there has been unprecedented flood damage impact in Queensland killing almost 300,000 cows. Queensland breed's around 50% of the entire Australian continent's cattle, and the flood took a life of 1 out every 4 cows.
Furthermore, there has been an immense loss of public and private property due to the food in the Flinders river which is now 60 km wide according to the news. Moreover, in Townsville, 2000 homes were destroyed by floodwater and 20,000 more are expected to have been damaged.
The situation is tense and we hope you are safe, in the blog will let you know how to reduce
flood water damage impact by preparing an emergency kit. Here is all you need

Food and Water
1. Packed Food
2. Bottled water

Medical and sanitation

1. First Aid Kit

2. Essential medications,

3. Sanitary Items


1. Flashlight/torch with extra batteries

2. Or any other items


1. Battery powered radio with extra batteries

2. Traditional wired telephone

3. Prepaid wired telephone

4. Prepaid phone cards and coins for phone calls

Clothing and footwear

1. A warm jumper, waterproof jacket, hat and gloves for everyone

2. Closed—toed shoes or boots for everyone

Tools and supplies

1. Whistle

2. Utility knife

3. Duct/Masking tape

4. Plastic garbage bags, ties

5. Safety glasses and sunglasses


1. Special items for infants (nappies, formula etc)

2. Special items needed by the elderly or people with special needs

3. Spare house and car keys

4. Pet food, water and other animal needs

Important documents

Scan copies of important documents and save the files on a USB memory stick or CD to include in your kit. Keep all these items in sealed plastic bags.

1. Insurance papers for your house and contents, cars and for valuable items

2. Inventory of valuable household goods

3. Wills and life insurance documents

4. House deeds/mortgage documents

5. Birth and marriage certificates

6. Passports/visa details

7. Stocks and bonds

8. Medicare, pension cards, immunisation records

9. Bank account and credit card details

10. A back—up to a copy of important computer files

11. Household Emergency Plan with emergency contact

Stay flood ready with this information. Lotus Water Damage Cleaning Melbourne can help you with flood damage restoration call on 0425 029 990.


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