Which Are The 3 Best Methods Used To Dry Clean Carpets

Carpet Dry Cleaning leaves carpets neat, clean and dry, most importantly ready to be used right away. The methods of
carpet dry cleaning are good for houses that have kids and pets. It is difficult to stop the kids and pets from stepping onto the carpets so steam cleaning is often unacceptable as it leaves moisture in the carpet and needs half a day to dry.


Another reason carpet dry cleaning is used over steam cleaning because when carpets and rugs are positioned on wooden floors and they do not do well with moisture. Read on to know more on various dry cleaning methods of carpet cleaning.


1. The Dry Compound Method

In the Dry Compound, Method vacuuming is not done. A slightly moist cleaning compound which is spread over the area to be cleaned and brushed in, the cleaning compound is made to stay on the carpet for some time. The dirt in the carpet gets attracted to this cleaning compound.

Now the attracted dirt is removed by simple vacuuming, giving us a carpet immediately clean and dry.


The dry compound method helps clean the carpets and rugs of your houses instantly without much fuss. But, one thing should be kept in mind is that while vacuuming be thorough, otherwise, both dirt and cleaning compound would remain in the fabric of the carpet.


2. The Encapsulation Method

The Encapsulation Method uses polymers. These polymers encapsulate, traps the dirt particles into dry residues with just simple contact. For increasing the cleaning process, detergents are added to such polymers that often help remove the dirt particles from the carpet fibers. After the polymer and detergent mixture is spread on the carpet, the carpet is supposed to be thoroughly vacuumed otherwise more and more dirt particles will be attracted while the carpet is in use.   


This method might require some drying time and that depends on the chemicals used, however, there are cleaning compounds that require no drying time. Such compounds are brushed in using rotary brushes and vacuumed right away using strong suction. This method is used in offices and hotels.


3. The Dry Ice Method

Another carpet dry cleaning method is the Dry Ice Method. It uses dry ice beam to clean away the dirt from the carpets and rugs. This is a very effective cleaning method. The only drawbacks this method has is the large CO2 footprint and its cost is more than other methods. However, the dry cleaning is 100% without any moisture and the CO2 particles that get trapped within carpet fibers simply evaporate in no more than a minute. It is important to note that this method is not used and not recommended for residential use.

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