Why choose the Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services by Lotus

End of Lease Cleaning is a process in which an individual becomes free from the bond that had been signed between himself/herself and the owner of the residence (it may be a house or an apartment). In other words, it is an agreement between the owner of the house and the tenant.


Once the tenant decided to leave or vacate the house, it is his or her sole responsibility to complete the end of lease terms like cleaning the entire house, handing over the keys, checking out whether the house is in the same condition in which it was handed over in the beginning and closing the bond.


This means that there are no pending bills or payments or further activities which need to completed in the end. The moment these activities are completed from the side of the tenant, the signed lease agreement must be handed over at the main gate for further easier movement of the tenant.

In order to clean the entire house may turn out to be a hectic process for the tenant.


This is where companies like Lotus End Of Lease Cleaning come into the picture to rescue the tenants and help them in the success of the end of the cleaning services.

Why Should You Hire Us a Professional End Of Lease Cleaning Company?


The main reasons are enlisted in the following manner that has been the reasons for our regular customers to pick us amongst many:


1. To get the house or apartment cleaned

2. End the bond that has been signed

3. Submit the bond at the exit gate

4. Cost effective and pocket-friendly services

5. Success to properly clean the house

6. No Stress

7. Tension-free services

8. Free from the bond

9. Relaxation to move to the next place

10. It is a licensed company.

11. It has an insurance coverage to protect their customers.


What Are All Kinds of Services Inculcated in End Of Lease Cleaning Services?


Here are the various cleaning services that Lotus End Of Lease Cleaning Services provides:


1. Light fittings

2. Dusty ceiling fan blades

3. Curtain blinds

4. Drains in the kitchens, washrooms and bathrooms

5. Skirting boards

6. Grouts between the shower tiles

7. Pipes in bathrooms and kitchens

8. Exhaust Fans

9. Window Panes

10. Blockages in the toilets

What does Lotus End Of Lease Cleaners Assure you off?


To cater to your end of lease cleaning services here is what we assure you of:


1. Time-effectiveness

2. Quality of cleaning

3. Bond Refund guarantee

4. Saves money

5. No purchasing of the cleaning equipment

6. No buying of the electronic goods

7. Procuring the bond safely by the tenant

8. Hassle free returning and closure of the bonds for the tenants and the landowners or the property managers.

9. Using the standard equipment and cleaning chemicals and solutions. And,

10. The end of lease cleaning companies are licensed and possesses an insurance


If you seek to get your End of Lease Cleaning done with Lotus Cleaning Melbourne Professionals call us on 0425 029 990, we will be happy to serve you.

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