Why You Must Get A Carpet in Your Home

Process of making decisions related to house care and the interior is quite thought-provoking. Today, we will talk about one of these crucial decisions you often struggle to make.
Whether to have wooden flooring or to get a nice-looking carpet?

Wooden flooring may seem a better choice as you might be thinking carpet cleaning can be more bother than wooden floor cleaning. Then, hang on. The wooden floor usually spreads dust in the air to make it more dusty and unhygienic.
Let’s check why you must get a carpet instead of having a wooden or any other flooring option.

1. Sophistication

Carpet gives a classy and sophisticated look to the room. It can give light and dark effect to the room. Carpets are available in different style and fabric. You can choose a carpet that can match your taste and style. You can also have different carpets in different rooms. Yes, you may need to give more time to carpet cleaning compared to direct flooring, but it is worth it as you can clean the carpet on an alternate day or once a week and still have a sophisticated and stylish interior.

2. Healthy Life

Unlike wooden flooring or other types of flooring, which can spread dust in the room and house, carpets help you have more control over hygiene and health. A carpet usually accumulates dust, dirt, and allergens and other airborne impurities. All these can be cleaned with simple carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, some carpets also purify the air, so you have health ambience and a healthy life.

3. Comfort and Coziness

Carpets usually keep the room warm to give comfort and warmth to the house and you of course. Some carpets such as cut pile carpets are very cozy and give you great comfort and coziness.

4. Reduce Noise

If you have pets or kids in the house, you will love this characteristic of the carpet and you will choose to have it even if carpet cleaning would be a tough job. No, do not worry, carpet cleaning is easy and there are many DIY hacks available for each type of carpet. The point is pets and kids often run on the floor or fall things on it, carpets can absorb the noise and ultimately reduce the same unlike direct flooring, which makes unwanted and agitating noise.

5. Match your Taste

Of course, you will not replace the carpet too often. However, for any reason, if you feel to change the interior of the house such as the colours of the walls, curtains, lamps, or something else, you can easily and cost-effectively change your carpet to match the interior. You can also change the appearance of the house as per the season or occasion by using different carpets, which is not possible with hard flooring.
Carpet cleaning and of the carpet is easy and there are many other benefits of using a carpet in your house.

Pro tip: Do not forget to use professional carpet cleaning service from Lotus on a regular interval to prolong its life and preserve its beauty.


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