Mattress Protection Ardeer : we involve the extraction of both sides of your mattress. 

mattress sanitizing Ardeer

Mattress Protection Ardeer provides best quality mattress sanitizing  Ardeer, Mattress Deodorize Ardeer and Anti-Microbial Mattress Treatment in Ardeer.

Lotus cleaning helps you protect your mattress for a lifetime good night sleep. With our mattress protection service, we ensure a prolonged life to your mattress and helps you prevent your mattress from damage.
Protection to your mattress means protecting them from dust mites, larvae and other insects which tend to reside on your mattress.

Getting your mattress cleaned every few months can help your mattress

Mattress protection is especially necessary for younger ones in the house because an unhealthy mattress can lead to early age posture deformities
At Lotus, we make your mattress a thousand time more comfy to sleep in.

Mattress Sanitizing Ardeer

We also sanitize your mattress
Sanitizing your mattress is a 100% dry process and gives you a peaceful sleep after it.
Mattress sanitizing also prevents the risk of any skin diseases or any other health-related problems and a healthy mattress means a safe and sound sleep.
The sanitizing process takes place by extracting all the dead skin from the mattress with the help of a powerful vacuum. Thereafter the mattress is deodorized and treated with an antibacterial mattress treatment.

Make your mattress smell fresh and new :

Your mattress can be deodorized and can be infused with soothing scents to calm you at night.
Deodorizing your mattress can have a long-lasting effect.
The solution we use is free from harm and highly nontoxic, also bring to your notice that all products and agents we use are environmentally safe.


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