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tile sealing Southbank

Tile Sealing Southbank provides professional services for Tile Sealing, Tile Re grouting, Stone Sealing, Grout Recoloring & Grout Sealing Southbank at Lotus, to inhibit contaminants from penetrating your grout's porous surface. We also offer tile , grout color sealing, re-grouting in Southbank. Call us on 0425 029 990 for same day services.

Tile Sealing Southbank

Tiles are considered to be the busiest part of the home and they accumulate much amount of dirt. Cleaning them regularly can help in maintain the shiny appearance of your tiles but over the time it would be necessary to call the Tile and Grout Sealing Professional home At Lotus Grout Coloring and Grout Sealing Services, we offer the best shower Grout sealing services using eco friendly options. Our team does exceptional work and will back you and your business and living place by a lifetime warranty and assistance.  
Many house owners often tend to buy new tiles when their old tiles begin to look dirty and worn. At Lotus Tile and Grout Sealing Services we encourage saving your money and precious time, by assisting you through our Grout Sealer Services, we can help you in getting back the best look of your home tiles in no time. In addition to deep cleaning and Grout Coloring your tiles, we at Lotus Grout Cleaning highly recommend our Tile and Grout sealing services.  
Tile Sealing is performed only after thorough cleaning the grout using a sealer.  Our premium Sealer helps in protecting the grout by minimizing and repelling discoloration from the acids, grime, and dirt. The best time to get the grout sealed is right after one of our professional services or after the brand new tile installation. Over the time, harsh cleaners can destroy the sealant by making it necessary to reapply sealer periodically.  
You must be wondering how often you should get your tiles cleaned by Lotus Tile and Grout Sealing Southbank services?  Well, it completely depends on the condition of your house, but we normally recommend that one must have their tiles and grout sealed and cleaned in every six months to a year.

Grout Recoloring & Grout Sealing Southbank Services

Our professionals at Lotus Grout Recoloring would always be happy to help you determine the frequency that is best for your business or living area and can help in scheduling cleaning appointment accordingly.  
Do not hesitate in asking a professionals advice while you are already dealing a lot with the degrading tiles at your home. Also, experimenting by your self would be a risky task and it might fall your decor into risk. Our advanced Grout colorant helps you in providing amazing results, we ensure that the process we opt will help a level higher protection against stains and helps your tile in repelling the soap scum, stain hazards and dirt liquids. Hence, provide your tiles the deep cleaning they require and contact Lotus Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialist now. A total shower Grout Sealing of your bathroom, Grout Recoloring of your living room, Grout Sealer for the outdoor area, or bathroom tile is just a phone call away. 
grout sealing Southbank

We provide all types of tiles sealing facilities in Southbank with use of latest technologies without any damages of your home or office tiles.

Our team specialist in:

  • Stone Tiles Sealing

  • Concrete Floors Sealing

  • Travertine Tiles Sealing

  • Terracotta Tiles Sealing

  • Porcelain Tiles Sealing
  • Sandstone Tiles Sealing
  • Timber Floors Sealing
  • Vinyl Floors Sealing
  • Terrazzo Tiles Sealing
  • Ceramic Tiles Sealing
  • Limestone Tiles Sealing

  • Granite Tiles Sealing

  • Outdoor Tiles Sealing

  • Grout Lines Sealing

  • Slate Tiles Sealing

  • Marble Tiles Sealing

  • Granite Tiles Sealing


hard working team

  • 27 March 2017
  • Terrific job. The team was hard working, expert and conscientious. Old, worn, filthy patio tile turned into almost new.... a big job and done with care and concern. well done!
  • - george

Sealed Tiles @ Great Rates

  • 06 September 2016
  • I got good discount on tile sealing. Happy and satisfied with their work.
  • - David


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