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Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris offers professional upholstery services for Lounge, Sofa, Dining Chair and Couch Cleaning Beaumaris. Call our Couch Cleaner Beaumaris today 0425 029 990 for a free quote at Lotus.
If you are one of those house owners who frequently host family or friends get together or simply enjoys company while being at home with pets and kids then you must be aware that your upholstery furniture is getting quite a workout. It is a well-known thing that dust, food crumbs, blemishes, pollen germs, and stains can’t be avoided.  In fact, it is known that houses having carpet could end up in getting almost 80% of the dust from outside that could ultimately end up in damaging your furniture and upholstered fabrics.
You probably must be thinking that My furniture doesn't need to be cleaned, although looks spotless! Well, we have a quick test for you to determine if that’s the case, all you need to do is give the back, or seat, of your furniture a firm swat, If the furniture is trapped in dirt and dust break free then, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. While professional upholstery cleaning Beaumaris services for carpet and rug cleaning is recommended on a seasonal basis, typically, Dry Cleaning upholstery cleaning Beaumaris is only necessary every 12-24 months. However, pieces that see a great deal of traffic and activity require more attention, so call our couch cleaner Beaumaris now and get your furniture dust free.
At Lotus Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris we offer you services like Upholstery Cleaning, Couch Cleaning, Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Couch Steam Cleaning, Couch Dry Cleaning, Lounge Cleaning, dining chair cleaning etc. We have been in the cleaning industry for past many years and have come across instances for every type of upholstery fabric cleaning which includes every type of material.
At Lotus Professional Couch Cleaning Beaumaris we are dedicated to establishing long term relationship with our Clients and Vendors through Open Communication, dedicated results, and systemized procedures.  Our Dry Cleaning Upholstery Service and Upholstery Cleaning Process will offer you the satisfaction of cleaning and protection of your indoor environment.
Upholstery cleaning Beaumaris Experts can restore the beauty and extends the life of your favorite chair, sofa or any other upholstered furniture. We help in getting your fresh and upholstery deep clean. Upholstered furniture has unique properties that require special handling skills that our Professional Couch Cleaning Beaumaris experts take care of. Our professionals at Lotus Cleaning determines the Fabric type, dimensional stability, cushions surface, colorfastness and stuffing before the extensive cleaning process takes place.
Our professionals in the Upholstery cleaning process have extensive experience and they are specially trained to take care of all kinds of upholstery so that they choose the proper cleaning solution that is best suited for your dear furniture. Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris uses most up to date equipment as well as cleaning products. We recommend using fabric protector which helps in improving and preserving the color, life, and beauty of the upholstery.  
Our professionals at Couch Cleaning Beaumaris not only clean your Upholstery but deodorize and protect your furniture after every cleaning, just the way we do with our Upholstery Cleaning Process for carpet cleaning services. Our experts spray the protector on your furniture in order to create an invisible barrier around the fiber which helps in improving the resistance to dry the soil, daily wear and tear and water based stains. We also apply a deodorizer that neutralizes odors by eliminating them from their source. After the upholstery cleaning a fresh, clean scent must prevail so that your furniture continues to look great year after year.

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Even leather furniture requires a regular cleaning. It takes on the same dirt and pollutants similar to your upholstered furniture. But unlike the upholstered furniture, leather faces more challenge of lost moisture and softness over the time. Though the store bought leather conditioners and cleaners provide immediate relief, but they might cause you long-term damage too. Proper demands an experienced and professional upholstery cleaning process. At Lotus professional Couch cleaning Beaumaris, we use safe, leather cleaners that moisturize and protect to rejuvenate your leather furniture without causing any harmful side effects.
So don’t settle for drab and buy a new one. Let our professional couch cleaners Beaumaris, deep clean and inject new life into your favorite chair or sofa. From steam couch clean to upholstery clean and all the leather furniture in your home, it’s time to make them shine again. Contact us now to get the great deals and best results.
Our Beaumaris Upholstery cleaning experts are well known for upholstery steam and dry cleaning methods.

Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris

While inspecting for Upholstery Fabric Inspection our technician points out if there’s any permanent staining in the fabric. Later they pre-condition the fabric with a specially prepared While inspecting for Upholstery Fabric Inspection our technician points out if there’s any permanent staining in the fabric. Later they pre-condition the fabric with a specially prepared spray that helps loosen the dirt. For the spots that do not come out during our cleaning process, we specially treat them separately. The fabric is then washed using special formula and the material is then rinsed using our special tools, which also deodorizes and sanitizes the area.
We strongly recommend applying for fabric and fiber protection. This product helps in protecting your furniture and carpets against stains and resolving. We usually apply it to recently cleaned or newly bought carpet and furniture. It helps in leaving a layer of protection that maintains the upholstery and carpet with ease.
upholstery cleaning BeaumarisAt Lotus Cleaning we provide services like Upholstery Cleaning, Couch Cleaning, Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Couch Steam Cleaning, Couch Dry Cleaning, Lounge Cleaning, dining chair cleaning etc. Our Professional Couch Cleaning Beaumaris Services as Lotus have a dedicated team of technicians who are specialized in professional couch cleaning services and are suitable for almost any couch style and fabric.
Our team of Couch Cleaning Beaumaris technicians is well trained to use a range of Lounge cleaning equipment and techniques, and make sure to use quality and biodegradable upholstery cleaning products.

Couch Steam Cleaning Beaumaris

Our steam cleaning couch Beaumaris, heat extraction service guarantees you and leaves your fabric couch in pristine condition, without any hassle. Our upholstery cleaning process machines use the most advanced Upholstery steam cleaners and offer steam heat extraction technology in removing dust, dirt and other unhealthy particles from your furniture’s including armchairs, couches, ottomans, settees and other fabric-covered surfaces.  
This is one of the most effective ways of professional cleaning method for the majority of upholstery fabrics and couch's style. Lotus Couch Steam cleaning Beaumaris, methods remove excess moisture along with grime and dirt. It ensures that your upholstery won’t be left soggy or soaking wet. Our professional Upholstery steam cleaners not only allows for the best possible clean, also minimizes the risk of fabric distension, shrinkage, and distress caused by the high quantities of residual moisture.  
Our cleaning technicians at Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris ensure to have your upholstery moisture-free and give a brand new look with a combined use of portable industrial strength drying fan in few hours.  
All of our technicians at Professional Couch Cleaning Beaumaris are well aware of a selection of stain protectors that suits every fabric type.
Couch Cleaning Beaumaris Special Deal  : $27 per couch seat

We will provide you best Couch Cleaning Beaumaris services

Stain and Spot Treatment  
Lotus Upholstery Steam clean Couch Beaumaris and spot treatment services help in removing the stains which you cover up your furniture with using pillows or drapes that matched the room perfectly. Now you don’t have to be worried about the stains which came due to some accident in a house party or when your pet spilled the food on your sofa. Call our professionals for Couch Cleaning Beaumaris now for guaranteed results. Carpet isn’t the only traffic area in your home it also includes your love seat, chairs, and sofa; they also get their share of dirt and spills. Let our trained professionals for Couch Steam Cleaning Beaumaris and Couch Dry Cleaning Beaumaris revitalize your upholstery to make it look new and pristine again.  
Most of us vacuum our carpets on a regular basis, but when was the last time you vacuumed your drapes and upholstery? Regular vacuuming helps in removing allergy inducing agents such as household dust, pollen, dander and dust mites from their feeding space but let us remind you that if you aren’t using a vacuum with a HEPA filter then you might just be redistributing the problem you are trying to reduce with hard work, so let our professionals in Dry Cleaning Upholstery take the charge and get you best results.

Office Upholstery Cleaning Beaumaris

Furniture at your office sites can be bulky and difficult to clean but we can tackle those issues with ease. Good looking furniture is important for you and your clients, a good first impression can also be created by the furniture in your office. Our professionally trained upholstery cleaners will make your furniture attractive and give guaranteed results. We always work with our clients with regards to arranging a mutually convenient time to clean at their premises. 
Same day couch cleaning Beaumaris

Same day couch cleaning Beaumaris

We are well trained to offer same day services as well, our 24/7 hour availability enables us to clean your furniture on the same day itself. The same day cleaning service not only is fast but as effective as a normal service. We will leave your house behind with your clean furniture and a satisfied face.
Upholstery Cleaning Service in Your Area  
Now, find the best Upholstery Cleaning Service in your area, so that you can easily reach your cleaning service provider whenever you need upholstery cleaning melbourne. We understand, how it's become difficult for you to get nearby cleaning providers when there is some urgent cleaning requirements at your home or same day Upholstery Cleaning Service.  
Therefore, we are trying to eliminate such stressful and time consuming research for cleaning companies before hiring it, thus, reducing the gap between our valuable customers and the Upholstery Cleaning experts.  
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Just call on 0425 029 990, and get your best quote. Not only get Upholstery Cleaning, our full range of specialized cleaning services are available for you. Now, return the shiny look back to your home with Lotus Upholstery Cleaning services at your nearest places in Melbourne.  
We provide our upholstery cleaning Beaumaris services at your premises, we move around furniture and protect your flooring all free of cost. So you can go on with your work with no worries at all.  

Affordable upholstery cleaning  Beaumaris with an amazing result.

Couch Cleaning Beaumaris Price: $27 per seat 6 seater dining chair cleaning and dining table cleaning price: $100 10 seater Couch/upholstery cleaning Beaumaris price: $340 including complete sanitizing and deodorizing
Get a free quote for couch cleaning Beaumaris services today, just call on 0425 029 990

excellent service

  • 03 April 2017
  • The technician was very professional and friendly. He did a great job on our furniture and was respectful of our home. He provided helpful direction on how to care for our furniture and recommended future services. Highly recommend Lotus Upholstery Cleaning!
  • - henry

professional couch cleaning service

  • 15 March 2017
  • I had my carpets plus couches cleaned by Lotus Cleaning, they did an excellent job! They were very professional, courteous and cleaned thoroughly. Highly recommended and will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you for meeting my cleaning standards!
  • - Oliver

best upholstery cleaners

  • 22 February 2017
  • Quick, efficient and very happy with the service. Would definitely call Lotus upholstery cleaners.
  • - georgia

couch cleaning specialist

  • 14 February 2017
  • Lotus Cleaning provide me complete couch cleaning with stain removal, couch sanitizing and couch deodorizing. I am very happy with their work.
  • - juliet

professional upholstery cleaning

  • 04 February 2017
  • Lotus Cleaners came to clean my upholstered furniture at my office. They arrived on time and gave a courtesy call 10 minutes prior to arrival. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. My upholstered furniture look fabulous and my entire office smells fantastic. I highly recommend them for any of your upholstery cleaning
  • - anthony


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