Is Bleaching Bad Idea for Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning includes vacuuming and some other DIY hacks to keep it clean and new alike. For stain removal, people often choose to use homemade cleaning hacks instead of professional carpet cleaning. When you use online tips, it is necessary be extra careful as you are likely to damage the carpet.
There are many myths related to carpet cleaning Melbourne and one of them is using bleach for carpet stain cleaning. Many DIY articles suggest using this cleaning agent. However, you should not use bleach to clean the carpet.
We will share major reasons behind why not use bleach for carpet cleaning:

Bleach Damages Carpet Backing and Floor

  • During carpet cleaning Melbourne, bleach will be soaked by your carpet and will reach the backing of the carpet.
  • Bleach can damage the fibre.
  • As a result, your carpet may get discoloured or damaged completely.
  • It can also damage the floor because of the chemicals it has.

It Leaves Stains Behind

  • Many people use bleach to remove stains and get results similar to professional carpet cleaning.
  • However, the fact is often bleach cleaning leaves bleach stains on the carpet.
  • As per the experts, there are only two effective ways to remove bleach stains from the carpet and both can make a hole in your pocket.
    • Carpet
    • Carpet dyeing

Bleach Can Cause Chemical Burns in Kids and Animals

  • If you use bleach to treat stains, you have to neutralize bleach after the cleaning process.
  • Simple dab-dab or water cleaning cannot remove bleach completely. A majority of DIY hacks claiming to give professional carpet cleaning results using bleach do not share how to neutralize bleach.
  • This would leave active bleach on your carpet.
  • Even if you do not see bleach stains on the carpet, it can be still there to harm.
  • If your kids or animals sit in the area on which you had used bleach, it may become the reason of skin burns to them.

Bleach Can Damage Your Respiratory System

  • Even if you know how to neutralize bleach after carpet cleaning Melbourne, you should still avoid using bleach.
  • During the cleaning process, you inhale bleach subconsciously.
  • Bleach is a very strong chemical, which can damage your lungs and respiratory system.
  • It can become a cause of vomiting, breathing issues, headache, damaging the nervous system, etc.
  • Companies offering professional carpet cleaning strongly recommend avoiding using bleach in any case.

Bleach Cannot Give Results you are Expecting

  • Bleach is not an excellent stain cleaner as many people think of.
  • Bleach does not have detergency. This makes it ineffective in carpet cleaning Melbourne.
  • It would clean a stain as much as water can.
  • It is a great disinfectant, which is one of the reasons people use it to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Even if it is a great disinfectant, its harm cannot be ignored. It is better to use other disinfectants.

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